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This book is written for business, government, and non-profit executives and managers who wish to drive the performance, profitability, and productivity of their organizations and teams by leading with empathy, courage, and confidence -- serving as a steadying and guiding force in our age of global economic disruption. 


Structured as series of 47 practical lessons from the author’s career advising executives, Empathetic Leadership provides immediately implementable ideas and techniques in easy-to-digest format and a conversational, down-to-earth style. 

The 47 "tips" are organized under the six major people-related responsibilities of managers:


  • Building your team (hiring)

  • Managing your team (day to day leadership)

  • Developing your culture (based on company mission and values)

  • Leading by example (personal leadership)

  • Coaching and mentoring (developing teams and individuals)

  • Managing your career (charting a path forward)


Each of the tips is based on situations in everyday business and includes a reflection on how we can effectively lead with empathy in these situations, for the benefit of all.


Focus on these tips today and see your leadership impact grow tomorrow!





Thank you so much for visiting this site today.  I appreciate your interest in Empathetic Leadership.  To share with you a little about myself . . .


I am an HR executive with a passion for helping fast-growing companies thrive. I have had the pleasure of serving in HR leadership roles in multiple industries (from Fortune-500 corporations, to entrepreneurial start-ups, to non-profit organizations) across a 25-year career. 


Along the way, I've advised CEO’s and leadership teams at all levels on organizational development, performance management, employee engagement, and other strategic topics; managed more than 30 acquisitions; and supported managers and employees nationwide. 


I hold an MBA from Loyola University Chicago, a BS in Management from Bucknell University, senior HR certification from SHRM and HRCI, and have published two previous HR management books.


In my work, I strive to live up to JFK's maxim that "Happiness is the full use of one's talents along lines of excellence."  Thank you for joining me in this journey as we aim to bring happiness and excellence through empathy to all those that we meet in our organizations and in our lives. 

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